michaelhawkinsnaturephotography.com: About Us

I have owned a landscaping business for the past thirty years. While working in our landscapes, we gain an understanding of our environment which helps us plan, organize and maintain the area in which we live. In 1997 my wife Lois and I wrote and self-published the book "Landscaping In New Jersey" an environmental approach. It sold in all bookstores in New Jersey, received several excellent reviews from newspapers and was appreciated and applauded by Governor Christine Todd Whitman. I recently expanded my business to include landscape and nature photography.

Photographing different landscapes and nature is extremely rewarding and has left an everlasting impression on how important it is to preserve our environment. It has given me an inspirational experience as I wander through our environment and witness much of God's creation. There is so much beauty around us but how much do we really enjoy? Join me on my journey to capture and preserve moments that nature creates and let me share these moments with you so you can also enjoy the wonderful world of nature. Lois and I thank you for your interest and please come back often.